Agile Discussion Community, Bulletin Board Focus Groups, Insight Forums and Market Research Diary Software.

Discussion Boards for idea and product development

Idea generation & co-creation

Engage with community, customers, employees or stakeholders to create new ideas and ways of improving existing products & services.

Discussion Boards advertising testing & validation

Advertising testing & validation

Validate and test both online and offline advertising, copy, visuals and concepts using consumer collaboration and co-creation.

Discussion board insights to identify ideal customers

Identify your ideal customer

Identifying your ideal customer helps you tailor the customer journey to improve efficiency and better target media to attract attention.

Discussion Boards software requirments capture

Requirments gathering

Agile and iterative discussion board groups or interviews with your user demographic to understand needs, goals and behaviour.

Discussion Boards to undertsand what motivates your target audience

What motivates your audience

Behaviour of your target audience doesn’t need to be a mystery, find out what drives people to make decisions and target your resources.

Discussion board insights stakeholder consultation groups

Stakeholder consultation groups

Consulting with busy stakeholders using a short-term secure discussions to inform and solicit opinion, giving everyone an equal voice.

Discussion Boards Community Consultation

Community engagement

Structured discussion board plans to engage geographically dispersed groups of people to consult on hot community issues.

Discussion Boards employee engagement groups

Employee engagement groups

Idea generation, evaluation and feedback, we provide you with the flexibility and control to quickly engage a team or individual.

Discussion board insights stakeholder consultation groups

Project evaluation

Project evaluation with key personnel or wider audience participants to understand impact, outcomes and perceived sustainability.

3 levels of service with Online Focus Group Discussion Board Software.

Do it yourself

You can choose to use the discussion board software with the support of our experienced and expert team of software training and insight experts.

Conceirge service

Filling in the gaps, we assist with the delivery of your insight projects. You purchase a software subscription and ask for expert help where needed.

End to end consulting

You can engage GroupQuality consulting to work with you to develop and manage your insight discussion project from creation to full insight reporting.

Some of our happy clients

Discussion board clients Ausgrid
Discussion board clients NRMA
Discussion board clients Social Research Centre
Discussion Board Client BIG4
Discussion Board Client University Canberra
Discussion Board Client Marketforce
Discussion Board Client TasGovernment
Discussion Board Client TasNetworks
Discussion Board client Horton Advisory

What they have to say about working with us

We’ve found Group Quality’s services to be an excellent and extremely cost-efficient way of conducting qualitative research for our clients. We’ve been really impressed with how flexible and customisable the GQ system is — and our clients have been really happy with the insights we’ve been able to gain on their behalf to inform their communications and campaigns.

I’ve found GQ’s approach to hold a stack of advantages over traditional focus groups in ease of use, in cost, in reporting, and in service. The customer service has been outstanding and responsive.

Anil Lambert

Director, Horton Advisory

In 2013, instinct and reason carried out an evaluation of the market for online qualitative research and engagement tools. GroupQuality came out on top. We have used the GroupQuality platform extensively since. The platform itself is superb. What impresses us most about GroupQuality, however, is the continuous development of the platform and how receptive they are to all our suggestions for improvement in line with the needs of participants and our clients. They are quality by name and quality by nature.

Director, Instinct & Reason

I have worked with GroupQuality since early 2013, when we began using their tools to develop our online qualitative offer. We have been impressed with the range of tools available, and their ease of use. The customer service and support from the team at GroupQuality is second to none.

Karen Kellard

Director Qualitative Research, The Social Research Centre

GroupQuality offers all of the functionality needed to run a focus group around your brand/company. I had the pleasure of working with Steven Mallows on the first Paradise Seeker focus group. He was always there to help me and he made sure I utilised all areas of this service. One of the best aspects of this survey platform is the tools you can use to engage your panelists. Having the ability to individually connect and converse with the panelists meant you could encourage them to come back to points they have made and expand on them.

I highly recommend using this company as they offer continual support and make running this kind of market research extremely easy.

Social Media & Community Manager, Paradise Seeker

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