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About GroupQuality Discussion Boards

Steven Mallows
Founding Director



At GroupQuality – the creators of Online Discussion Boards for Collective insights – began it’s life as an Australian online marketing consultancy specialising in online behaviour research and online marketing. We wanted to expand the geographical reach and incorporate a full suit of insight services. To do this, we developed a set of tools and methods that enabled us to capture structured and collective insights from anywhere, at any time.

DiscusisonBoards.com.au is a website under the GroupQuality brand. We have been offering innovative tools and techniques for agile online market research and services since 2013. Using our expertise in software development, marketing consulting and research we created a set of online insight tools and formed close relationships with other global providers so we can add real strategic value for our clients.

We offer both discusison board software and supporting insight services to help you capture and action insights. We provide both the tools and full insight concierge services from training to data analysis.


  • Our Vision is to empower others by capturing insights and sharing knowledge;
  • Our Purpose is to create the world’s most accessible insights software as a service;
  • Our Goal is to make GroupQuality® your go-to place for insight expertise.