Agile Community Research Discussion Software Features

Quick tour of the Agile Community Discussion Software features.

Discussion boards can be set up in minutes and deployed using a self-registering unique website address, or you can upload your own lists and manage the invitations using auto scheduling.

Online Discussion Board Insights Wizard
Discussion Board Intercept Link

If you need to add additional participants at any time just add them or get them to self-register using an intercept link. Pass campaign data from your forms and surveys to append them to the discussion transcripts.

Schedule your discussion boards to be deployed on a specific date and time (time zone) and automagically send username and passwords.

Online Discussion Board Scheduling
Discussion Board Participant Management

The Administrator can keep track of who has logged on and what they last viewed. Keep track of comments and replies posted by each participant. Download participant status data in csv for excel format.

Send out reminders and notifications and schedule discussion topics to automatically activate. Choose to automatically notify participants via email once new topics are posted to the discussion. Edit the template text included with your own tailored message to grab the participant’s attention and build trust.

Online Discussion Board Scheduling Topics
Discussion Board Discussion Plan Topics

Create a discussion plan which contains your topics.  Add questions, media and choose image hot-spots task to capture areas which catch the participant’s attention. Add video, attachments, documents and poll questions to generate insightful discussions.

Participants can respond using text, images or video and you can even give them permissions to attach documents, images and video to their responses. Choose to give the participant the option to post a private response.

Online Discussion Board Participant Responses
Discussion Board Modertaor Notes

Moderating a discussion has never been easier, you can respond to the group or reply to an individual. Make notes about a participant’s response and add tags and categories to help filter the real-time transcript reports.

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Discussion Board Transcript reportng

Want more popular Discussion Board software features.


Secure (SSL)

Discussion board software accounts and all discussions are conducted under secure SSL sessions.

Australia hosted

All applications and data is securely hosted in Sydney Australia.


Instant polls

Add polls to your discussion topics and decide if you want to reveal the results to participants.


Welcome text

Start the discussion board with a welcome message and outline the ground rules and instructions.

Auto scheduling

Start a discussion board manually or schedule them to begin and end on a specific date and time.


Survey linking

Embed a survey link into a discussion topic and pass participant identification data from the discussion board to the survey results using our participant data variables.


Moderator notes

The moderator is able to create note categories and record observation notes about a comment using the notes function for later retrieval in the reports.

Reporting tools

Search, filter and download comprehensive real-time and detailed discussion board transcript reports, images, video and image hot-spot heat maps at any time.


Help centre

Access to the online help centre and includes tutorials, instructions, tips and instructional videos.

One-to-one diaries

Create one-to-one consumer diaries and overtime interviews.

Member types

Add between 1 and 100 participant to each discussion and include Moderators and Observers.


Pipe topics

Load multiple topics and participants must respond to each topic in the order they are listed.

Topic media

Upload images, video, and documents to the discussion topics for participants to view or download.


Topic Schedule

Start a discussion topic manually or schedule a topic to post automatically at a specific date and time.


Rich text tools

Rich text tools for welcome messages, topics and enabling participants to style their comments and replies to help convey emotional responses.


Topic tags

Moderator and Administrator can add tags to a comment for later search and report retrieval.

Word clouds

Administrator and Moderators’ have the option of filtering and searching discussions using word clouds. Add stop words to remove unwanted words from the word clouds.

Email support

All accounts in include priority Australian based email support.

Private or Public

A discussion board or topic can be private, or public enabling participants to interact with each other.


Discussion plans

Create discussion plans and automate topic activation to notify participants when a new topic is available.

Reveal topics

Add topics to the discussion in reveal mode which requires participants to respond before revealing all comments.

YouTube videos

Embed YouTube videos in your discussion topics or give permission for participants to include them in comments.


Use the default system email invitations, reminders, topic notifications, broadcast emails or edit them to suit your needs.

Excluded words

Add words to hide from all participants if entered into a comment or reply.

Track activity

Track the progress of each participant through your topics and view the last active state.


Project panel

Create project list from the member panel and attach to a discussion board to automate the invitation process.

Concierge services

Acces to our concierge services (at additional cost) to help you fill the knowledge gaps and assist with projects.

Branded themes

Create unlimited themes and add your colours and logos to your boards.


Upload an image to a topic and create a task where participants click or select interesting points on the image.


Private topics

Include private topics on a public board for sensitive topics or where private information is to be revealed.

Comment media

Enable participants to upload media to the comments including video, images and documents.

Intercept registration

Create an intercept discussion and deploy a link via a survey, a website or a social media page to enable instant signup.

Anonymous aliases

You can set the discussion board to swap the participant names for anonymous handles, which participants can edit.


Moderator panel

The moderator is able to moderate, search reports and, if give permissions, manage participants for multiple discussions from the one dashboard.

Password reset

Discussion board members can reset and manage their own passwords.

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Discussion Board Transcript reportng