Online community discussions and Bulletin Boards Focus Groups is a secure online environment where people can participate in community or private conversations in response to topic questions. They differ from chat rooms and Facebook in that agile community-based discussions and Bulletin Boards Focus Groups are closed groups used to facilitate qualitative deep dive over, days or weeks and months.

The online discussion community or Bulletin Boards Focus Groups is managed by a community moderator who is responsible for managing participants and guiding the conversation in each of the discussion topics. There are thousands of different forums on the internet that deal with just about any subject, but to use a closed discussion insight focus group to solicit feedback from customers, employees or the public you first need to know how they work

How do Research Community Discussion & Bulletin Boards Focus Groups Work?

An online discussion’s main topic is defined by the project manager, also known as the administrator, with participants in the discussion providing the insights. Participants can comment and reply to other people’s comments on a particular topic that will help you find out what motivates people, how they think, belief, and what they expect.  Questions generate comment ‘threads’ and participants have the option to post a reply and build upon an idea. The primary benefit of using closed and structured online discussion insight forum is that all participants do not need to be online at the same time and can be located anywhere in the world on any internet connected device, and are responding to a specified discussion topics.

Create a Research Community Discussion & Bulletin Boards Focus Groups Work?

Creating an insight discussion community for others to participate in is a great way to capture knowledge and ideas that support your decisions. Participants will engage with you online more readily in more significant numbers. Not only can they share their opinions about something they feel passionate about, but the secure and moderated environment creates for a deep dive into a topic that matters to like-minded people. It is not unusual for participants to feel like they have made new friends or connections.  Engagement of participants in the group has a direct reflection on the organisation managing the discussion, and although the brand image may not be the primary intention of the discussion, it is not an uncommon outcome.

If you are thinking about building your online community discussion or bulletin board focus groups, the simplest and easiest way to set this up is to choose a tool which helps you capture and filter comments and replies quickly and efficiently. Insight discussion forums can easily be linked to a website to recruit participants.

Adding Agile Online Community Discussions to Your Strategy

A short-term and agile community discussion is a great way to increase the value to your existing communication and insights strategy. It encourages co-creation and generates more ideas for a brand, products or services.

A poorly designed community discussion software tool can take time and considerable effort to get a discussion going and can be resource intensive. However, using an agile insight forum discussion software built to manage the capture of data can be powerful and a cost-effective way to run targeted agile online discussion focus groups with multiple audiences at different points in time.

Importance of Choosing the Right First Topic

The first thing you need to do when using this method is to decide what topic you want to talk about; start by thinking about the questions you want to ask. What niche does the business or organisation operate? What makes your cohort interested and would motivate them to respond to a topic?  Set a subject that is both relevant to the target group and is something that the engaged audience can quickly respond. Making the first topic easy will get the discussion off to a good start and make the process much more comfortable and a lot more exciting and fun for participants.

Advantages of Using Online Community Discussions and Bulletin Board Focus Groups

Advantages of online insight discussion forum

Collaboration leads to new ideas

Bulletin board focus groups are full of individuals with common interests. Communicating with them using the available moderation tools is easy. Online insight focus groups facilitate the creation of customer-focused solutions on just about any topic. Online insight forums run the same way as traditional online forums except the software are specifically designed to capture, tag and facilitate co-creation, ideation and the capture of ideas.

Forums can be thought of like containers, or archives, for information fostered by the community. Community discussions allow people to browse through postings before commenting and, once they feel comfortable, they can submit their comments and ideas; building the knowledge from the ground up.

Understand your audiences

Online community discussions and bulletin board focus groups will expose you to audiences you would not usually hear. It is an opportunity to facilitate feedback from a quiet majority or a specific target group.

Discussion Focus Groups

With millions of people taking conversations online, people are prepared and primed to participate in online community discussions. It does not require the hiring of focus group facilities and participants are free to come and go as their schedule allows. The online forum focus group is a cost-effective way of managing multiple groups at the same time without the logistics associated with traditional face to face workshops.

Identify Opportunities

Online community discussions is a ideal way for you to interact with potential customers in your target market and people who you may not regularly engage. Participants provide feedback and opinions, but they also like to learn more about the organisation behind the products and services. People take part in a discussion because they have a common motivation; they want to tell you how they use the products and service. The tools available enable you to get a glimpse into a persons life, insights often too hard to obtain without spending time following customers around their home or office.

Online insight forums are an excellent way for you to start developing and testing your advertising campaigns. What is it that people want to hear and what drives them to decide to purchase a product over service over that of a competitor. Discussion boards help you define opportunities by developing an understanding of customer pain points. The knowledge you gain is used to refine your message and convince clients that your products and services are the best solutions to their problems.

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