Why our market research online discussion board & forum software is your choice for people insights!

Just like an online survey tool but for two-way insight discussions.

GroupQuality® agile online discussion board & forum software was built to facilitate online questioning and collective community feedback. It enables you to invite 1 to 100 participants to join in a debate on any topic from any device. From a simple question and answer session, to a structured discussion which takes place over days or weeks. It can be as diverse as a deep dive with a customer about a new product or service idea or a conversation with community leaders and audience stakeholders.

The possibilities are limitless. Supported by our expert team you can choose to completely DIY have some partial help with our concierge service or have us complete your collective feedback project from start to finish!

Why discussion boards are the choice for collective people insights!

The costs are much lower than managing an ongoing insight community or having to engage people in traditional market research or evaluation methods such as a focus groups, interviews, or face to face community hall forums.


Reduces the amount of time it would take to organise and conduct a face to face session or a phone interview.


Generate new ideas and solve problems by having everyone log in to a secure and private discussion.

Does not require people to commit to a lengthy community which runs for months or years. You reach a more diverse community group and not just those who commit to long-term participation seen on traditional branded communities.

Short-term community discussion boards keep the interest level high amongst participants, and they build a sense of community by increasing the participant’s knowledge about a brands services and products.

Online discussions can be set to run as private online diaries, where you can invite many to participate, but it operates like a one-to-one engagement with a moderator. They participant conveniently document and access a diary of daily activity.


Elicit feedback from the silent majority who would not necessarily voice thier opinion, meet with you in person or submit a comment on your website.

Unlike online surveys, online discussion boards enable you to validate the participant’s comments and test them to gauge consensus among the rest of the community.


Encourages deeper thinking and provides the time for participants to reflect on the topic being discussed.


It gives everyone the opportunity to have an equal voice and express their views and opinions without being interrupted or spoken over.

Target participants from multiple audience segments and run parallel discussions using the same discussion plan and topics.

Develop a unique understanding of any audience as you stimulate knowledge amongst the group or individuals you are engaging with as they share their experiences and stories.

A fast, easy and efficient way of bringing together geographically disperesed groups and individuals with common interests to interact on topics which answer your most burning questions.

Online Discussion Security Credentials

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